Pro Team PlayersInfo for National Simulated Hockey League

Update - September 18, 2021 at 11:04

Boston Bruins

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex PietrangeloCAND301990-01-18210 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$20,500,000$20,500,000$20,500,000
Andrew AgozzinoCANLW/RW291991-01-03187 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$550,000
Andy WelinskiUSAD271993-04-27201 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Anton ForsbergSWEG271992-11-27192 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Artturi LehkonenFINLW241995-07-04176 Lbs6 ft071No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000$600,000
Brad MarchandCANLW321988-05-11181 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,800,000$4,800,000$4,800,000
Brandon TanevCANC/LW/RW281991-12-31180 Lbs6 ft039No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,010,000
Brent BurnsCAND351985-03-09230 Lbs6 ft515No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Brent SeabrookCAND351985-04-20220 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,598,520
Brett ConnollyCANLW/RW281992-05-02192 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Brian BoyleUSALW351984-12-18245 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Cal ClutterbuckCANRW321987-11-18216 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Carter RowneyCANC/RW311989-05-10208 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,310,000
Charlie McAvoyUSAD221997-12-21208 Lbs6 ft027No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Chris KreiderUSAC291991-04-30217 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$937,000$937,000$937,000
Christian FischerUSARW231997-04-15214 Lbs6 ft214No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Connor CliftonUSAD251995-04-28175 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
David BackesUSALW/RW361984-05-01215 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
David DesharnaisCANC331986-09-14176 Lbs5 ft75No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,000,000
David KrejciCZEC341986-04-28188 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,251,000$6,251,000
David PastrnakCZELW/RW241996-05-25194 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,010,000
Derek GrantCANC301990-04-20206 Lbs6 ft314No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Derek JoslinCAND331987-03-17210 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Duncan SiemensCAND261993-09-07210 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Frans NielsenDNKC/LW361984-04-24188 Lbs6 ft19No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Frederik AndersenDNKG301989-10-02238 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,856,667$4,856,667
Jared SpurgeonCAND301989-11-29167 Lbs5 ft914No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
John MooreUSAD291990-11-19210 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$680,000
Jonathan BernierCANG311988-08-07185 Lbs6 ft02No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,245,000$1,245,000
Joonas DonskoiFINLW/RW281992-04-13190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,050,000
Jordan CaronCANLW/RW291990-11-02204 Lbs6 ft346No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$650,000$650,000
Jordan MartinookCANC/LW271992-07-25196 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$550,000$550,000
Landon FerraroCANLW/RW281991-08-08186 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Magnus PaajarviSWELW/RW291991-04-12206 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Marc-Edouard VlasicCAND331987-03-30205 Lbs6 ft16No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,400,000$1,400,000
Mathieu PerreaultCANC321988-01-05188 Lbs5 ft1025No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,430,000
Matt DonovanUSAD301990-05-09205 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Matt HackettCANG301990-03-07171 Lbs6 ft22No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Noel AcciariUSAC/RW281991-12-01203 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Patrice BergeronCANC341985-07-24195 Lbs6 ft15No1 year Pro OnlyYes$21,650,000
Peter MuellerUSALW/RW321988-04-14204 Lbs6 ft23No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Pontus AbergSWELW/RW261993-09-23196 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Robert BortuzzoCAND311989-03-18216 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,810,000$1,810,000
Sam BennettCANLW/RW241996-06-20195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Sam CarrickCANC281992-02-04205 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Sam MontembeaultCANG231996-10-30199 Lbs6 ft33No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000$400,000
Shea WeberCAND341985-08-14230 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Tim ErixonUSAD291991-02-24200 Lbs6 ft223No1 year Pro & FarmNo$680,000
Troy GrosenickUSAG301989-08-27185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Vladimir SobotkaCZEC/LW321987-07-02191 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,100,000
William KarlssonSWEC271993-01-08195 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,500,000$7,500,000
Zac DalpeCANC301989-11-01194 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
5229.6200 Lbs6 ft 11.67 years$2,242,657 4912

Carolina Hurricanes

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron DellCANG311989-05-04205 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Alex KerfootCANC251994-08-11175 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Andrew LaddCANLW/RW341985-12-12192 Lbs6 ft315No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,000,000$2,000,000
Antti SuomelaFINC261994-03-17180 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Bobby ButlerUSALW/RW331987-04-26180 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Brad RichardsonCANLW/RW351985-02-04190 Lbs6 ft028No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Calvin de HaanCAND291991-05-09195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,300,000
Carl DahlstromSWED251995-01-28231 Lbs6 ft415No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Chandler StephensonCANLW/RW261994-04-22208 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Craig AndersonUSAG391981-05-21187 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
David PerronCANLW/RW321988-05-28200 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
J.T. CompherUSAC/LW251995-04-08190 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Jake BischoffUSAD251994-07-25194 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Jakob SilfverbergSWELW/RW291990-10-13208 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,428,572$6,428,572$6,428,572$6,428,572
James NealCANLW/RW321987-09-03212 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,000,000
John KlingbergSWED271992-08-14190 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,500,000$4,500,000
Jonathan ToewsCANC321988-04-29201 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$13,250,000
Jonathon BlumUSAD311989-01-30188 Lbs6 ft115No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,250,000
Jordan SchroederUSAC291990-09-29184 Lbs5 ft911No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Josh TevesCAND251995-02-18170 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000$750,000
Justin AbdelkaderUSAC331987-02-25214 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,000,000$2,000,000
Justin FaulkUSAD281992-03-20217 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,760,000$7,760,000$7,760,000
Kailer YamamotoUSARW211998-09-29153 Lbs5 ft810No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Kevin GravelUSAD281992-03-06211 Lbs6 ft435No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Kiefer SherwoodUSARW251995-03-31194 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Leon DraisaitlDEULW241995-10-27208 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,995,000
Mark KaticCAND311989-05-09195 Lbs5 ft1015No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Markus GranlundFINC/LW271993-04-16180 Lbs6 ft021No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,500,000$3,500,000
Martin JonesCANG301990-01-10190 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,750,000$7,750,000$7,750,000
Matthew PecaCANC271993-04-27182 Lbs5 ft856No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000
Michael Dal ColleCANLW241996-06-20204 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Mikko KoskinenFING311988-07-18202 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,010,000$5,010,000
Nate ThompsonUSAC351984-10-05205 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Nic PetanCANC/LW251995-03-22175 Lbs5 ft966No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Nikolaj EhlersDNKLW/RW241996-02-14172 Lbs6 ft06No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,500,000
Patric HornqvistSWELW/RW331987-01-01189 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,500,000$2,500,000
Pheonix CopleyUSAG281992-01-18196 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Phil VaroneCANC291990-12-04193 Lbs5 ft107No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Rasmus DahlinSWED202000-04-13193 Lbs6 ft331No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Rob O'GaraUSAD261993-07-06215 Lbs6 ft431No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Ryan PulockCAND251994-10-06217 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Saku MaenalanenFINRW261994-05-29207 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Teemu HartikainenFINLW/RW301990-05-03215 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$1,250,000
Thatcher DemkoUSAG241995-12-08192 Lbs6 ft46No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Trevor van RiemsdykUSAD281991-07-24192 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Tyler PitlickUSALW/RW281991-11-01200 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,050,000
Victor RaskSWEC271993-03-01193 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,749,999
Zach RedmondUSAD311988-07-26208 Lbs6 ft227No1 year Pro & FarmNo$834,000
Zdeno CharaSVKD431977-03-18250 Lbs6 ft92No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4928.6197 Lbs6 ft 12.02 years$2,265,869 4900

Chicago Blackhawks

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex GalchenyukUSARW261994-02-12207 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,730,000$2,730,000$2,730,000
Alex TuchUSARW241996-05-10222 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Andrej SekeraSVKD341986-06-08195 Lbs6 ft032No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Andrew DesjardinsCANLW/RW331986-07-27195 Lbs6 ft17No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Andrew MillerUSAC/LW311988-09-18181 Lbs5 ft1028No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,300,000
Andy AndreoffCANC/LW291991-05-17203 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$525,000
Anssi SalmelaFIND351984-08-13200 Lbs6 ft19No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Anthony BeauvillierCANC/LW231997-06-08182 Lbs5 ft1120No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Artem AnisimovRUSC321988-05-24199 Lbs6 ft443No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,750,000
Beau BennettUSALW/RW281991-11-27195 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Ben SmithUSALW/RW311988-07-11198 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,150,000
Bobby SanguinettiUSAD321988-02-29190 Lbs6 ft311No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Claude GirouxCANC321988-01-12185 Lbs5 ft119No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$11,700,000$11,700,000
Derek RyanUSAC331986-12-29185 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Erik GustafssonSWED311988-12-15180 Lbs5 ft102No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Gustav NyquistSWELW301989-09-01179 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,850,000$2,850,000
Ivan ProvorovRUSD231997-01-13201 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Jack CampbellUSAG281992-01-09197 Lbs6 ft29No1 year Pro & FarmNo$625,000
Jakub KindlCZED331987-02-10199 Lbs6 ft312No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Jeff PetryUSAD321987-12-09201 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Jeremy SmithUSAG311989-04-13177 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Joe MorrowCAND271992-12-09196 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$510,000$510,000$510,000
Joel KellmanSWEC261994-05-25192 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Johnny GaudreauUSALW/RW261993-08-13165 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Jussi JokinenFINLW/RW371983-04-01198 Lbs5 ft1110No1 year Farm OnlyYes$700,000
Linden VeyCANC281991-07-17189 Lbs6 ft018No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Linus OmarkSWELW/RW331987-02-05174 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,000,000
Luca SbisaSUID301990-01-30204 Lbs6 ft230No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Marc-Andre GragnaniCAND331987-03-11201 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,200,000
Matt ReadCANLW/RW341986-06-14188 Lbs5 ft1013No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Michael GrabnerAUTLW/RW321987-10-05188 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,211,000
Michael HutchinsonCANG301990-03-02198 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$625,000$625,000$625,000
Mika ZibanejadSWEC271993-04-18208 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$6,000,000
Nick LeddyUSAD291991-03-20207 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Nikolay KuleminRUSLW/RW331986-07-14225 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Par LindholmSWEC281991-10-05183 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Patrick KaneUSAC/LW/RW311988-11-19177 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Patrick WierciochCAND291990-09-12202 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Paul PostmaCAND311989-02-22195 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,150,000
Petter GranbergSWED271992-08-27200 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Philipp GrubauerDEUG281991-11-25188 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,001
Rasmus RistolainenFIND251994-10-27220 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,913,044$3,913,044
Reto BerraSUIG331987-01-03210 Lbs6 ft45No1 year Farm OnlyYes$700,000
Robin LehnerSWEG281991-07-24240 Lbs6 ft40No4 yearsPro OnlyYes$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Ryan JohansenCANC271992-07-31218 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000
Steven StamkosCANC301990-02-07194 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$14,285,800$14,285,800$14,285,800
Tomas TatarSVKLW/RW291990-12-01182 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro OnlyYes$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Tyler JohnsonUSAC291990-07-29182 Lbs5 ft80No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Zac RinaldoCANC301990-06-15192 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4929.8196 Lbs6 ft 11.73 years$2,181,119 34213

Detroit Red Wings

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Al MontoyaUSAG351985-02-13209 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Andrei ZubarevRUSD331987-03-03202 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Farm OnlyYes$2,100,000
Andrej MeszarosSVKD341985-10-13223 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Anton RodinSWELW/RW291990-11-21185 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Austin WagnerCANLW/RW231997-06-23185 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Ben BishopUSAG331986-11-21210 Lbs6 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Blake ComeauCANLW/RW341986-02-18200 Lbs6 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,650,000$1,650,000$1,650,000
Blake LizotteUSALW/RW221997-12-13172 Lbs5 ft712No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000
Boone JennerCANC/LW271993-06-15206 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Braydon CoburnCAND351985-02-27223 Lbs6 ft55No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Carter HartCANG211998-08-13181 Lbs6 ft14No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Chris TerryCANLW/RW311989-04-07195 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Christian DjoosSWED251994-08-06180 Lbs6 ft017No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Cody GoloubefCAND301989-11-30190 Lbs6 ft112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Corey PerryCANLW/RW351985-05-16206 Lbs6 ft323No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,917,000
Cory EmmertonCANC321988-06-01190 Lbs6 ft08No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Curtis McElhinneyCANG371983-05-23204 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,450,000
Derick BrassardCANC321987-09-22202 Lbs6 ft128No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Devante Smith-PellyCANLW/RW281992-06-14223 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Dylan LarkinUSAC231996-07-30198 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,995,000$4,995,000
Elias LindholmSWEC251994-12-02195 Lbs6 ft14No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Erik BurgdoerferUSAD311988-12-11207 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$500,000
Filip HronekCZED221997-11-02183 Lbs6 ft08No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Gustav ForslingSWED241996-06-12186 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$400,000
Harry ZolnierczykCANLW/RW321987-09-01185 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Jaccob SlavinUSAD261994-05-01207 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Jhonas EnrothSWEG321988-06-25175 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
John MarinoUSAD231997-05-21181 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Jonas HolosNORD321987-08-27196 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Jordan GreenwayUSAC231997-02-16225 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Justin BraunUSAD331987-02-10205 Lbs6 ft216No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Matt NietoUSALW/RW271992-11-05185 Lbs5 ft112No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Matthew TkachukUSALW/RW221997-12-11202 Lbs6 ft227No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,980,000$4,980,000$4,980,000
Michael SgarbossaCANC271992-07-25186 Lbs6 ft014No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Mike ReillyUSAD261993-07-13200 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$550,099$550,099
Mikhail SergachevRUSD221998-06-25217 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Morgan RiellyCAND261994-03-09219 Lbs6 ft114No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Nicolas RoyCANC231997-02-05200 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Nikita NikitinRUSD341986-06-16217 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Patrick SieloffUSAD261994-05-15205 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Sebastian AhoFINLW/RW221997-07-26176 Lbs5 ft119No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,980,000$4,980,000$4,980,000
Shane GersichUSALW/RW231996-07-10175 Lbs5 ft1143No1 year Pro & FarmNo$400,000
Stefan NoesenUSALW/RW271993-02-12205 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
T.J. OshieUSALW/RW331986-12-23195 Lbs5 ft1146No1 year Pro & FarmYes$2,500,000
Travis KonecnyCANLW/RW231997-03-11175 Lbs5 ft1022No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Victor EjdsellSWEC251995-06-06214 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4628.0198 Lbs6 ft 11.83 years$1,449,393 3808

Edmonton Oilers

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam GaudetteUSAC231996-10-03170 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Alex LyonUSAG271992-12-09201 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Alexandar GeorgievRUSG241996-02-10178 Lbs6 ft121No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000
Andrew CoglianoCANLW331987-06-14177 Lbs5 ft1011No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,455,000
Anthony BitettoUSAD291990-07-15210 Lbs6 ft117No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Antoine RousselFRALW/RW301989-11-21199 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,500,000
Brady TkachukUSALW201999-09-16196 Lbs6 ft325No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Brayden SchennCANC281991-08-22200 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$6,391,667
Brendan MikkelsonCAND331987-06-22205 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Chris WidemanUSAD301990-01-07183 Lbs5 ft1048No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Dale WeiseCANLW/RW311988-08-05196 Lbs6 ft240No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,155,000
Derek StepanUSAC/LW/RW301990-06-18196 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Dustin BrownUSALW/RW351984-11-04210 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,255,000
Eric GelinasCAND291991-05-08215 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro OnlyYes$3,150,000$3,150,000$3,150,000
Erik GustafssonSWED281992-03-14197 Lbs6 ft03No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,750,000$2,750,000
Erik JohnsonUSAD321988-03-21225 Lbs6 ft42No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,197,000$2,197,000
Gabriel BourqueCANLW291990-09-23206 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro OnlyYes$5,350,000$5,350,000
James ReimerCANG321988-03-15220 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro OnlyYes$5,475,000
Jeremy MorinUSALW/RW291991-04-16189 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$550,000
Joakim NygardSWELW271993-01-08179 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Jujhar KhairaCANLW251994-08-13212 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Korbinian HolzerDEUD321988-02-16213 Lbs6 ft316No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$995,000$995,000
Kris RussellCAND331987-05-02170 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,250,000
Kyle TurrisCANC301989-08-14190 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro OnlyYes$6,140,000
Marcus PetterssonSWED241996-05-08177 Lbs6 ft423No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Mark ArcobelloUSAC311988-08-12172 Lbs5 ft87No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,450,000
Mark BarberioCAND301990-03-23200 Lbs6 ft18No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Mark BorowieckiCAND301989-07-12204 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,055,000$1,055,000
Matt BeleskeyCANLW/RW321988-06-07207 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Matt BenningCAND261994-05-25203 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Matt DucheneCANC291991-01-16195 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro OnlyYes$13,000,000$13,000,000$13,000,000
Mikael BacklundSWEC311989-03-17200 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro OnlyYes$3,275,000$3,275,000
Mike SmithCANG381982-03-22220 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$705,000
Miles WoodUSALW241995-09-13195 Lbs6 ft214No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Nico HischierCHEC211999-01-04175 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Ondrej PalatCZELW291991-03-28194 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro OnlyYes$5,240,000$5,240,000$5,240,000
Oscar KlefbomSWED261993-07-20216 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro OnlyNo$2,650,000$2,650,000$2,650,000
Pavel DatsyukRUSC411978-07-20194 Lbs5 ft1140No1 year Farm OnlyYes$505,000
Pierre-Luc DuboisCANC/LW221998-06-24218 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Radko GudasCZED301990-06-05204 Lbs6 ft013No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,690,000$1,690,000$1,690,000
Roman CervenkaCZELW/RW341985-12-10187 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,855,000
Roman PolakCZED341986-04-28240 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Ryan GetzlafCANC351985-05-10228 Lbs6 ft430No1 year Pro & FarmYes$1,899,000
Ryan WilsonCAND331987-02-03210 Lbs6 ft114No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,975,000
Spencer MachacekCANC311988-10-14200 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Farm OnlyYes$695,000
Teuvo TeravainenFINC/LW/RW251994-09-11191 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Timo MeierCHERW231996-10-08210 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Tristan JarryCANG251995-04-29194 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4829.2199 Lbs6 ft 11.71 years$2,152,764 3486

Florida Panthers

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam LarssonSWED271992-11-12208 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,850,000$1,850,000
Alex OvechkinRUSLW/RW341985-09-17235 Lbs6 ft38No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,500,000$5,500,000
Alex PicardCAND341985-07-05228 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Anders LeeUSALW/RW291990-07-03231 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$625,000$625,000$625,000$625,000
Andrew MacWilliamCAND301990-03-25214 Lbs6 ft226No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Andrew MangiapaneCANLW241996-04-04184 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Andrew ShawCANLW/RW281991-07-20182 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmYes$7,500,000
Austin WatsonUSALW/RW281992-01-13204 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Blake WheelerUSALW/RW331986-08-31225 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,500,000$5,500,000
Brandon McMillanCANC301990-03-22190 Lbs5 ft111No1 year Pro OnlyYes$2,600,000
Brendan LeipsicCANLW261994-05-19180 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Brian FlynnUSAC311988-07-26183 Lbs6 ft123No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,150,000
Brian LashoffUSAD291990-07-16213 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$840,000$840,000$840,000
Calvin PickardCANG281992-04-15210 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro OnlyNo$2,960,000
Carey PriceCANG321987-08-16216 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Carson SoucyCAND251994-07-27210 Lbs6 ft513No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Chris TanevCAND301989-12-20197 Lbs6 ft242No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,000,000
Christian WolaninCAND251995-03-17185 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Cory ConacherCANLW/RW301989-12-14180 Lbs5 ft80No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$8,000,000$8,000,000
Dakota MermisUSAD261994-01-05195 Lbs6 ft046No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Dan SextonUSALW/RW331987-04-29170 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Farm OnlyYes$3,500,000
Daniel TaylorENGG341986-04-28177 Lbs6 ft13No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Dmitrij JaskinRUSLW/RW271993-03-23216 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,150,000
Dustin BoydCANLW/RW331986-07-16187 Lbs6 ft05No1 year Farm OnlyYes$800,000
Dustin TokarskiCANG301989-09-16205 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Evander KaneCANC/LW/RW281991-08-02210 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Gustav OlofssonSWED251994-12-01196 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Hampus LindholmSWED261994-01-20208 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,100,000$3,100,000$3,100,000
Ilya MikheyevRUSRW251994-10-10195 Lbs6 ft35No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,200,000$3,200,000$3,200,000$3,200,000
Jacob De La RoseSWELW251995-05-20215 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Jeff CarterCANLW/RW351985-01-01219 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,800,000
Joe HickettsCAND241996-05-04180 Lbs5 ft811No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000$400,000
Josh CurrieCANRW271992-10-29172 Lbs5 ft1014No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000
Justin FontaineCANC/LW/RW321987-11-06175 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Farm OnlyYes$3,200,000
Lance BoumaCANLW/RW301990-03-25208 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$630,000$630,000$630,000
Logan ShawCANC/RW271992-10-05208 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Luke WitkowskiUSAD301990-04-14217 Lbs6 ft267No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$525,000$525,000$525,000
Marcus KrugerSWEC301990-05-27186 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,200,000$3,200,000
Mark JankowskiCANC251994-09-13212 Lbs6 ft416No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Markus HannikainenFINLW271993-03-26200 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$525,000$525,000
Nate ProsserUSAD341986-05-07201 Lbs6 ft212No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,450,000
Oscar MollerSWEC311989-01-22189 Lbs5 ft1036No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,310,000$3,310,000
Philip LarsenDNKD301989-12-07185 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,250,000$2,250,000
Robby FabbriCANC/LW/RW241996-01-22190 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,995,000
Ryan CarpenterUSALW/RW291991-01-18200 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Ryan DonatoUSAC/LW/RW241996-04-09193 Lbs6 ft026No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Ryan MillerUSAG391980-07-17170 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,334,000
Teddy BluegerLVAC251994-08-15185 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000$600,000
Tobias StephanSUIG361984-02-27180 Lbs6 ft229No1 year Farm OnlyYes$900,000
Travis BoydUSAC261993-09-14190 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Tyler EnnisCANLW/RW301989-10-06161 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Valtteri FilppulaFINLW/RW361984-03-20189 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$520,000
Victor BartleyCAND321988-02-17203 Lbs6 ft012No1 year Farm OnlyYes$950,000
Yakov TreninRUSC231997-01-13201 Lbs6 ft248No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000$400,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
5429.1197 Lbs6 ft 12.11 years$1,931,741 4428

Hamilton Mustangs

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam ErneUSALW/RW251995-04-20214 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Adam PelechCAND251994-08-16218 Lbs6 ft39No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Alex IafalloUSALW/RW261993-12-21188 Lbs6 ft020No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Andrei MironovRUSD251994-07-29194 Lbs6 ft39No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Andy GreeneUSAD371982-10-30190 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Anthony PelusoCANRW311989-04-18225 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Antti NiemiFING361983-08-29215 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Farm OnlyYes$3,000,000
Anze KopitarSVNC321987-08-24225 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,000,000
Auston MatthewsUSAC221997-09-17220 Lbs6 ft38No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,980,000$4,980,000$4,980,000
Brian GibbonsUSAC/LW321988-02-26175 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Calle JarnkrokSWEC281991-09-25186 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro OnlyYes$1,250,000$1,250,000
Cam FowlerUSAD281991-12-05206 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,500,000
Carl HagelinSWELW/RW311988-08-23186 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro OnlyYes$5,750,000
Chris DriedgerCANG261994-05-18205 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Colton GilliesCANLW/RW311989-02-12189 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Connor McDavidCANC231997-01-13193 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,980,000$4,980,000
Damon SeversonCAND251994-08-07205 Lbs6 ft28No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Derek RoyCANC371983-05-04184 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Farm OnlyYes$2,300,000
Evgenii DadonovRUSLW/RW311989-03-12185 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro OnlyYes$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Ilya KovalchukRUSLW371983-04-15222 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Jake GardinerCAND291990-07-04203 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,334,000$3,334,000$3,334,000
Joel HanleyCAND291991-06-08190 Lbs5 ft117No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Jordan EberleCANRW301990-05-15187 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$9,011,100$9,011,100$9,011,100
Jordan WealCANLW/RW281992-04-15179 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$699,000
Jordie BennCAND321987-07-26199 Lbs6 ft26No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Justin SchultzCAND291990-07-06193 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$550,000$550,000
Juuse SarosFING251995-04-19180 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Karl AlznerCAND311988-09-24213 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Kevan MillerUSAD321987-11-15210 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Kevin FialaCHELW231996-07-22193 Lbs5 ft1042No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Luke KuninUSAC221997-12-04197 Lbs6 ft077No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Matt O'ConnorCANG281992-02-14205 Lbs6 ft612No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000$850,000
Mattias JanmarkSWERW271992-12-08195 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Miro HeiskanenFIND201999-07-18190 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Nicolas DeslauriersCANLW/RW291991-02-22219 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$550,000$550,000
Nikita GusevRUSLW271992-07-08163 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000$400,000
Nikita SoshnikovRUSRW261993-10-14185 Lbs5 ft110No0 year Pro & FarmNo
Nikita TryamkinRUSD251994-08-30265 Lbs6 ft711No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Ronalds KeninsLVALW/RW291991-02-28201 Lbs6 ft04No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Roope HintzFINLW231996-11-17220 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Ryan McDonaghUSAD311989-06-13215 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,500,000$4,500,000
Thomas GreissDEUG341986-01-29232 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,500,000$1,500,000
Tim KennedyUSALW/RW341986-04-30173 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Victor OlofssonSWELW/RW241995-07-18183 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000$600,000
Warren FoegeleCANLW/RW241996-04-01198 Lbs6 ft231No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Will ButcherUSAD251995-01-06190 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4628.3200 Lbs6 ft 12.07 years$1,782,154 4132

Minnesota Wild

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Andreas AthanasiouCANLW/RW251994-08-06188 Lbs6 ft216No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Andrew CampbellCAND321988-02-04206 Lbs6 ft464No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$550,000$550,000
Andrew CoppUSAC251994-07-08206 Lbs6 ft170No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Anton StralmanSWED331986-08-01186 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Blake PietilaUSAC/LW271993-02-20200 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$550,000$550,000
Brandon DubinskyUSAC341986-04-29205 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,500,000$3,500,000
Brayden McNabbCAND291991-01-21213 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,250,000$5,250,000$5,250,000
Brett LernoutCAND241995-09-24213 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,600,000$1,600,000$1,600,000
Casey DeSmithUSAG281991-08-13181 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,870,000
Connor BrickleyUSAC/LW281992-02-25203 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Connor CarrickUSAD261994-04-13192 Lbs5 ft1056No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Elvis MerzlikinsLVAG261994-04-13181 Lbs6 ft38No1 year Pro & FarmYes$6,000,000
Frank CorradoCAND271993-03-26205 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Freddie HamiltonCANLW281992-01-01195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Frederik GauthierCANC251995-04-26239 Lbs6 ft512No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000$950,000
Gabriel LandeskogSWELW/RW271992-11-23215 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,500,000$7,500,000
J.T. MillerUSALW/RW271993-03-14218 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Jack JohnsonUSAD331987-01-13227 Lbs6 ft16No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,067,000
Jake DotchinCAND261994-03-24210 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Jamie DoornboschCAND301990-02-01198 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Jared CoreauCANG281991-11-05220 Lbs6 ft627No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,310,000
Jarred TinordiUSAD281992-02-20230 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Jayson MegnaUSALW/RW301990-02-01195 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Jesper FastSWELW/RW281991-12-02192 Lbs6 ft06No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Joakim AnderssonSWEC311989-02-05211 Lbs6 ft27No1 year Farm OnlyYes$525,000
Joe PavelskiUSALW/RW351984-07-11195 Lbs5 ft112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Jonas BrodinSWED261993-07-12194 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Jonny BrodzinskiUSAC271993-06-19208 Lbs6 ft16No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Josh BrownCAND261994-01-21217 Lbs6 ft510No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$550,000$550,000
Josh JoorisCANC291990-07-14197 Lbs6 ft123No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000
Kasimir KaskisuoFING261993-10-02203 Lbs6 ft34No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$650,000$650,000$650,000
Matt CalvertCANLW/RW301989-12-24186 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,900,000$4,900,000$4,900,000
Max DomiCANLW/RW251995-03-02192 Lbs5 ft103No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Michael Del ZottoCAND301990-06-24195 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,500,000
Nicolas Aube-KubelCANRW241996-05-10187 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Patrick EavesCANLW/RW361984-05-01203 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,670,000
Philip SamuelssonSWED281991-07-26194 Lbs6 ft216No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Ryan O'ReillyCANC291991-02-07216 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro OnlyYes$8,095,238$8,095,238
Ryan WhiteCANC321988-03-17201 Lbs6 ft039No1 year Pro & FarmNo$650,099
Spencer MartinCANG251995-06-08210 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$650,000$650,000
Steven OleksyUSAD341986-02-04190 Lbs6 ft07No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
T.J. BrodieCAND301990-06-07185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,210,000
Tommy WingelsUSALW/RW321988-04-12200 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Torey KrugUSAD291991-04-12186 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,250,000
Troy BrouwerCANLW/RW341985-08-17213 Lbs6 ft316No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Victor HedmanSWED291990-12-18229 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Zach HymanCANLW/RW281992-06-09211 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$830,000$830,000$830,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4728.7203 Lbs6 ft 11.98 years$2,044,199 4412

Montreal Canadiens

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alexander FrolovRUSLW/RW381982-06-19214 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Alexander WennbergSWEC251994-09-22196 Lbs6 ft247No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$9,450,000$9,450,000$9,450,000$9,450,000
Anders NilssonSWEG301990-03-19232 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Andrew PoturalskiUSAC261994-01-14180 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$550,000$550,000$550,000
Anton KhudobinKAZG341986-05-07195 Lbs5 ft1118No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Bobby RyanUSALW/RW331987-03-17209 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,400,000
Bogdan KiselevichRUSD301990-02-14202 Lbs6 ft09No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Byron FroeseCANC291991-03-12205 Lbs6 ft02No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$630,000$630,000$630,000$630,000
Casey WellmanUSAC/LW321987-10-18173 Lbs6 ft047No1 year Farm OnlyYes$2,000,000
Chad BillinsUSAD311989-05-26175 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Colin MillerCAND271992-10-29193 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Craig SmithUSAC/LW/RW301989-09-05208 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Danick MartelCANLW251994-12-12176 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
David SavardCAND291990-10-22229 Lbs6 ft235No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Dean KukanCHED261993-07-08192 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$525,000$525,000$525,000
Dwight KingCANLW301989-07-05229 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Evan RodriguesCANLW261993-07-28184 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,100,000$3,100,000$3,100,000
Fredrik ClaessonSWED271992-11-24196 Lbs6 ft113No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Gavin BayreutherUSAD261994-05-12195 Lbs6 ft136No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Jean-Sebastien DeaCANC261994-02-08175 Lbs5 ft1112No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$525,000$525,000$525,000
Jim O'BrienUSAC311989-01-29200 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
John GibsonUSAG261993-07-14207 Lbs6 ft32No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,800,000$1,800,000$1,800,000
Joonas RaskFINC301990-03-22169 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Farm OnlyYes$700,000
Josh BaileyCANLW/RW301989-10-02200 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,000,000$4,000,000
Justin DowlingCANC291990-10-01180 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$501,000
Kevin HayesUSAC/RW281992-05-08216 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Kyle RauUSAC271992-10-24176 Lbs5 ft817No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Luke GlendeningUSAC311989-04-28192 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Marek MazanecCZEG281991-07-18187 Lbs6 ft411No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$510,000$510,000
Mark FraserCAND331986-09-29220 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Farm OnlyYes$720,000
Mark GiordanoCAND361983-10-03200 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Matt D'AgostiniCANLW/RW331986-10-23200 Lbs6 ft016No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,350,000
Matt FrattinCANLW/RW321988-01-03205 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Matt TaorminaUSAD331986-10-20185 Lbs5 ft101No1 year Pro & FarmNo$650,000
Mike LiambasCANLW311989-02-16196 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Mike ZalewskiUSALW/RW271992-08-18205 Lbs6 ft217No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Nathan MacKinnonCANC/LW/RW241995-09-01200 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,340,000
Niklas TreutleDEUG291991-04-29185 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Pierre-Edouard BellemareFRAC351985-03-06198 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Ryan EllisCAND291991-01-03180 Lbs5 ft1017No1 year Pro OnlyYes$1,000,000
Shea TheodoreCAND241995-08-03195 Lbs6 ft219No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Tobias RiederDEUC/RW271993-01-10186 Lbs5 ft116No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Tom WandellSWEC331987-01-29197 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Tomas JurcoSVKLW/RW271992-12-28188 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Tony DeAngeloUSAD241995-10-24180 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Trevor CarrickCAND251994-07-04186 Lbs6 ft21No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
William NylanderSWEC/RW241996-05-01196 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4729.1195 Lbs6 ft 11.89 years$1,352,149 35111

New York Islanders

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam ClendeningUSAD271992-10-26196 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Alex StalockUSAG321987-07-28200 Lbs6 ft017No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Alexander RadulovRUSLW/RW331986-07-05205 Lbs6 ft131No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Anton SlepyshevRUSLW261994-05-13221 Lbs6 ft27No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Brenden DillonCAND291990-11-13225 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,250,000
Brett RitchieCANRW271993-07-01220 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Brock BoeserUSALW/RW231997-02-25208 Lbs6 ft182No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Carter CamperUSALW311988-07-06173 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Casey CizikasCANC/LW291991-02-27195 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$556,000$556,000$556,000
Cody FransonCAND321987-08-08224 Lbs6 ft513No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Corban KnightCANC291990-09-10195 Lbs6 ft217No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$501,250$501,250
David WarsofskyUSAD301990-05-30170 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Derek ForbortUSAD281992-03-04219 Lbs6 ft491No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,100,000
Filip ForsbergSWELW/RW251994-08-13205 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$10,500,000$10,500,000$10,500,000$10,500,000
Greg McKeggCANC281992-06-17194 Lbs6 ft047No1 year Pro & FarmNo$455,000
Ilya LyubushkinRUSD261994-04-06201 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Jack EichelUSAC231996-10-28203 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,980,000$4,980,000
Jacob MarkstromSWEG301990-01-31206 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Jake AllenCANG291990-08-07203 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
James van RiemsdykUSALW/RW311989-05-04217 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,500,000$6,500,000
Jamie BennCANLW301989-07-18210 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,350,000$5,350,000
Johan LarssonSWEC/LW271992-07-25202 Lbs5 ft117No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Lauri KorpikoskiFINLW/RW331986-07-28193 Lbs6 ft117No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Leo KomarovFINLW/RW331987-01-23209 Lbs5 ft1112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$550,000
Louis DomingueCANG281992-03-06208 Lbs6 ft319No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Lukas RadilCZEC291990-08-05205 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Magnus HellbergSWEG291991-04-04209 Lbs6 ft620No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Mark PysykCAND281992-01-11196 Lbs6 ft12No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Matt IrwinCAND321987-11-29207 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$550,000
Matt RoyUSAD251995-03-01200 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Michael LattaCANC291991-05-25209 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$400,000
Micheal FerlandCANLW/RW281992-04-20217 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$400,000
Mitchell StephensCANC231997-02-05193 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Oliver Ekman-LarssonSWED281991-07-17200 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$7,000,000
P.K. SubbanCAND311989-05-13210 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000
Phil KesselUSALW/RW321987-10-02202 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,000,000
Ryan KeslerUSAC351984-08-31206 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,000,000$6,000,000
Scott MayfieldUSAD271992-10-14223 Lbs6 ft42No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Seth HelgesonUSAD291990-10-08210 Lbs6 ft48No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$625,000$625,000$625,000$625,000
Seth JonesUSAD251994-10-03209 Lbs6 ft40No4 yearsPro OnlyYes$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Sven BaertschiSUILW271992-10-05190 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,000,000$3,000,000
T.J. HensickUSAC341985-12-10185 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,665,000
Taylor HallCANLW/RW281991-11-14205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro OnlyYes$8,480,001
Tyler BozakCANC341986-03-19199 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Tyler SeguinCANC281992-01-31200 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro OnlyYes$13,000,000
Xavier OuelletFRAD261993-07-29193 Lbs6 ft123No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Zach WerenskiUSAD221997-07-19212 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,110,000$4,110,000$4,110,000
Zemgus GirgensonsLVAC261994-01-05211 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,091,001$6,091,001$6,091,001

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4828.6204 Lbs6 ft 11.77 years$2,578,401 4332

New York Rangers

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Andrey MakarovRUSG271993-04-20178 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$400,000
Ben HuttonCAND271993-04-20206 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Boo NievesUSALW/RW261994-01-23210 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Brad HuntCAND311988-08-24176 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Bryan LittleCANLW/RW321987-11-12191 Lbs6 ft07No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Cal O'ReillyCANC331986-09-30193 Lbs6 ft04No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Chris TierneyCANC261994-07-01195 Lbs6 ft116No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,906,667$4,906,667$4,906,667$4,906,667
Clayton KellerUSAC/LW211998-07-29170 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Dylan DemeloCAND271993-05-01191 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Dylan StromeCANC231997-03-07200 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Henrik LundqvistSWEG381982-03-02182 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,000,000
Jimmy VeseyUSALW271993-05-26202 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Joakim RyanUSAD271993-06-17185 Lbs5 ft119No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Joni OrtioFING291991-04-16185 Lbs6 ft114No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$625,000$625,000$625,000$625,000
Jori LehteraFINC321987-12-23212 Lbs6 ft225No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Justin FlorekUSALW/RW301990-05-18194 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Justin HollUSAD281992-01-30210 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Keegan LoweUSAD271993-03-29195 Lbs6 ft26No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,010,000$3,010,000
Keith YandleUSAD331986-09-09191 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,010,000
Kris LetangCAND331987-04-24201 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,000,000$6,000,000
Kurtis GabrielCANRW271993-04-20200 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$400,000
Louis BelpedioUSAD241996-05-14196 Lbs5 ft1115No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
MacKenzie WeegarCAND261994-01-07200 Lbs6 ft014No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Marcus FolignoUSALW/RW281991-08-10224 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmYes$7,000,000
Michael ChaputCANC281992-04-09199 Lbs6 ft27No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Mike VecchioneUSAC/RW271993-02-25194 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Nikita ZadorovRUSD251995-04-16235 Lbs6 ft50No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Nikita ZaitsevRUSD281991-10-29188 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,775,000
Patrik LaineFINRW221998-04-19206 Lbs6 ft50No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,980,000$4,980,000$4,980,000
Radim SimekCZED271992-09-20200 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Riley SheahanCANC281991-12-07214 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,000,000
Ryan LindgrenUSAD221998-02-11191 Lbs6 ft025No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Ryan SproulCAND271993-01-13205 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Sami NikuFIND231996-10-10176 Lbs6 ft135No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Semyon VarlamovRUSG321988-04-27205 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$7,000,000
Seth GriffithCANC/RW271993-01-04190 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Stefan MatteauUSAC261994-02-23220 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Stephen JohnsUSAD281992-04-18225 Lbs6 ft454No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Tom KuhnhacklDEULW/RW281992-01-21196 Lbs6 ft211No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Tomas HertlCZEC261993-11-12215 Lbs6 ft28No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Travis HamonicCAND291990-08-16205 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$9,450,000
Vincent TrocheckUSAC261993-07-11183 Lbs5 ft103No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,000,000
Vladislav NamestnikovRUSC/RW271992-11-22183 Lbs5 ft1155No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,023,000$4,023,000
William CarrierCANLW251994-12-20218 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000$600,000
Zane McIntyreUSAG271992-08-20206 Lbs6 ft29No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4527.6199 Lbs6 ft 11.89 years$2,211,770 4500

Ottawa Senators

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex PetrovicCAND281992-03-03216 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,458,345$1,458,345
Andrew CrescenziCANLW/RW271992-07-29207 Lbs6 ft514No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,009
Anton LanderSWEC291991-04-24184 Lbs6 ft04No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,005,000$2,005,000$2,005,000$2,005,000
Brandon ManningCAND301990-06-04205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Brandon SaadUSALW/RW271992-10-27206 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000
Cal PetersenUSAG251994-10-19185 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000
Christopher GibsonFING271992-12-27188 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Colin BlackwellUSAC271993-03-28190 Lbs5 ft910No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$610,000$610,000
Colin McDonaldUSALW/RW351984-09-30219 Lbs6 ft211No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
David RundbladSWED291990-10-08187 Lbs6 ft28No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Duncan KeithCAND361983-07-16192 Lbs6 ft129No1 year Pro & FarmNo$501,000
Dylan McIlrathCAND281992-04-20231 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Dylan SikuraCANLW/RW251995-06-01166 Lbs5 ft1163No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,067,000
Jake McCabeUSAD261993-10-12204 Lbs6 ft19No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,100,000
Jakub VoracekCZEC301989-08-15214 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro OnlyYes$8,900,000
Jamie McGinnCANLW311988-08-05205 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,200,000$2,200,000
Jan RuttaCZED291990-07-29204 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Jason DickinsonCANC241995-07-04200 Lbs6 ft21No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
John HaydenUSALW/RW251995-02-14215 Lbs6 ft31No1 year Pro & FarmNo$400,000
John QuennevilleCANC241996-04-16195 Lbs6 ft119No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Jordan OesterleUSAD281992-06-25182 Lbs6 ft056No1 year Pro & FarmNo$699,999
Julian MelchioriCAND281991-12-06214 Lbs6 ft524No1 year Pro & FarmNo$525,000
Kristers GudlevskisLVAG271992-07-31223 Lbs6 ft330No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$905,600$905,600
Kyle CliffordCANLW/RW291991-01-13211 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Malcolm SubbanCANG261993-12-21215 Lbs6 ft27No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Marcus SorensenSWELW/RW281992-04-07175 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$699,999
Markus NutivaaraFIND261994-06-06187 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Mason AppletonUSALW/RW241996-01-15193 Lbs6 ft22No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Matt LoritoCANLW/RW291990-07-03170 Lbs5 ft916No1 year Pro & FarmNo$635,000
Michael FrolikCZELW/RW321988-02-17190 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,632,000
Michal KempnyCZED291990-09-08195 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$625,000
Milan LucicCANLW/RW321988-06-07231 Lbs6 ft38No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,525,000$1,525,000
Nick ShoreUSAC271992-09-26198 Lbs6 ft12No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Nicklas JensenDNKLW/RW271993-03-06216 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Nico SturmDEUC251995-05-03206 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$902,000
Nikita KucherovRUSLW/RW271993-06-17180 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro OnlyYes$16,000,000$16,000,000
Niklas SvedbergSWEG301989-09-04176 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$550,000$550,000
Paul StastnyUSAC341985-12-27193 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmYes$8,010,000
Pekka RinneFING371982-11-03217 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,000,000
Peter HollandCANC291991-01-14200 Lbs6 ft230No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$550,000$550,000
Ryan DzingelUSALW/RW281992-03-09190 Lbs6 ft05No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,010,000
Ryan MurphyCAND271993-03-31181 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Ryan MurrayCAND261993-09-27205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro OnlyYes$5,000,000
Ryan StantonCAND301989-07-20196 Lbs6 ft26No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Scott DarlingUSAG311988-12-22232 Lbs6 ft65No1 year Pro & FarmNo$999,999
Travis SanheimCAND241996-03-29181 Lbs6 ft349No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Victor AntipinRUSD271992-12-06175 Lbs5 ft1114No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$610,000$610,000
Wayne SimmondsCANLW/RW311988-08-26185 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro OnlyYes$3,101,000
Zack KassianCANLW/RW291991-01-24211 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$635,999

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4928.3199 Lbs6 ft 21.61 years$1,846,591 4540

Philadelphia Flyers

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam HenriqueCANC301990-02-06197 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,250,000$4,250,000
Akim AliuCANRW311989-04-24205 Lbs6 ft39No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,850,000
Alex NedeljkovicUSAG241996-01-07189 Lbs6 ft05No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Andreas EnglundSWED241996-01-21189 Lbs6 ft311No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Andrei KostitsynBLRLW/RW351985-02-03214 Lbs6 ft019No1 year Farm OnlyYes$550,000
Bo HorvatCANC251995-04-05215 Lbs6 ft020No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Brandon SutterUSAC311989-02-14190 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Brendan LemieuxUSALW241996-03-15213 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Colton ParaykoCAND271993-05-12230 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro OnlyYes$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Curtis LazarCANC/RW251995-02-02211 Lbs6 ft028No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Daniel CatenacciCANLW/RW271993-03-09193 Lbs5 ft1011No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
David McIntyreCANC/LW331987-02-04185 Lbs6 ft034No1 year Farm OnlyYes$660,000
Devon ToewsCAND261994-02-21191 Lbs6 ft12No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000
Elias PetterssonSWEC/LW211998-11-12176 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Eric StaalCANC351984-10-29207 Lbs6 ft416No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,500,000
Erik CernakSLOD231997-05-28233 Lbs6 ft314No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000
Evgeni MalkinRUSC331986-07-31195 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmYes$12,000,500
Haydn FleuryCAND231996-07-08208 Lbs6 ft331No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Jake MuzzinCAND311989-02-21217 Lbs6 ft339No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,250,000
Jason DemersCAND321988-06-09195 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Jay BeagleCANC341985-10-16210 Lbs6 ft31No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$650,000$650,000
J-F BerubeCANG281991-07-13177 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,250,000
Jonathan MarchessaultCANLW/RW291990-12-27180 Lbs5 ft924No1 year Pro & FarmNo$550,000
Jordan BinningtonCANG261993-07-11174 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000
Jordan StaalCANC/LW311988-09-10220 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Kevin ConnautonCAND301990-02-23205 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Kevin RoyCANLW271993-05-20170 Lbs5 ft924No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$550,000$550,000$550,000
Lars EllerDNKC/LW/RW311989-05-08205 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$1,350,000
Luke SchennCAND301989-11-02227 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$11,100,000$11,100,000$11,100,000
Marc-Andre FleuryCANG351984-11-28185 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro OnlyYes$9,900,000
Marc-Antoine PouliotCANC/LW/RW351985-05-22193 Lbs6 ft26No1 year Farm OnlyYes$975,000
Matt TennysonUSAD301990-04-23205 Lbs6 ft222No1 year Pro & FarmNo$520,000
Mattias EkholmSWED301990-05-24215 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Nathan BastianCANRW221997-12-06205 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Nic DowdUSALW/RW301990-05-27197 Lbs6 ft210No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$510,000$510,000
Noah HanifinUSAD231997-01-25215 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Oscar FantenbergSWED281991-10-07206 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Pavel BuchnevichRUSLW/RW251995-04-17196 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000
Quinn HughesUSAD201999-10-14170 Lbs5 ft1012No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Robert HaggSWED251995-02-08204 Lbs6 ft233No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Ross JohnstonCANLW261994-02-18235 Lbs6 ft550No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000
Sam GagnerCANLW/RW301989-08-10200 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000
Scott LaughtonCANC/LW261994-05-30190 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Scott WedgewoodCANG271992-08-14195 Lbs6 ft22No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Sean CouturierUSAC271992-12-07211 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro OnlyYes$1,600,000$1,600,000$1,600,000
Sergei KostitsynBLRLW/RW331987-03-20210 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Farm OnlyYes$550,000
Travis ZajacCANLW/RW351985-05-13185 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Tyler MyersUSAD301990-02-01229 Lbs6 ft816No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,500,000
Tyler ToffoliCANLW/RW281992-04-24197 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$660,000$660,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4928.4201 Lbs6 ft 21.73 years$1,939,296 4234

Pittsburgh Penguins

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam CracknellCANLW/RW341985-07-15209 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Alex GoligoskiUSAD341985-07-30185 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,000,000
Andre BurakovskySWELW/RW251995-02-09201 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,450,000$1,450,000$1,450,000$1,450,000
Andreas JohnssonSWELW251994-11-21194 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Andrei LoktionovRUSC/LW/RW301990-05-30180 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,700,000
Anthony StolarzUSAG261994-01-20230 Lbs6 ft64No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Brandon CarloUSAD231996-11-26212 Lbs6 ft525No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Brandon YipCANRW351985-04-24195 Lbs6 ft127No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Bryan RustUSARW281992-05-11192 Lbs5 ft1112No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,000,000
Chris ConnerUSALW/RW361983-12-23181 Lbs5 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Darnell NurseCAND251995-02-04221 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Dennis RasmussenSWEC/LW291990-07-03205 Lbs6 ft38No1 year Pro & FarmNo$612,500
Derrick PouliotCAND261994-01-16196 Lbs6 ft04No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Dominic ToninatoUSAC261994-03-09191 Lbs6 ft26No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Dominik SimonCZEC251994-08-08190 Lbs5 ft115No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000
Drake CaggiulaCANC/LW261994-06-20176 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Jake GuentzelUSAC/LW251994-10-06180 Lbs5 ft1131No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Jaroslav HalakSVKG351985-05-13185 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmYes$1,800,000
Jason ZuckerUSALW281992-01-16192 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Jonas SiegenthalerCHED231997-05-06210 Lbs6 ft33No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000$400,000
Jonathan DrouinCANC/LW251995-03-28197 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Jonathan HuberdeauCANLW/RW271993-06-04200 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,000,000$6,000,000
Joseph CramarossaCANLW/RW271992-10-26192 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Josh MorrisseyCAND251995-03-28195 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Juuso RiikolaFIND261993-11-09189 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Kasperi KapanenFINRW231996-07-23194 Lbs6 ft112No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Kevin PorterUSALW/RW341986-03-12191 Lbs5 ft1123No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Kyle PalmieriUSALW/RW291991-02-01185 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,700,000$1,700,000$1,700,000$1,700,000
Marek SchwarzCZEG341986-01-28176 Lbs5 ft114No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,300,000
Michal JordanCZED291990-07-17195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Mike CondonUSAG301990-04-27197 Lbs6 ft22No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Neal PionkUSAD241995-07-29186 Lbs6 ft08No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000
Nick RitchieCANLW241995-12-05230 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Oskar SundqvistSWEC261994-03-23209 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Quinton HowdenCANC281992-01-21189 Lbs6 ft213No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Ryan Nugent-HopkinsCANC271993-04-12184 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$8,200,000$8,200,000
Sammy BlaisCANLW241996-06-17205 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000$400,000
Scott WilsonCANC/LW281992-04-24177 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$698,999
Sidney CrosbyCANC321987-08-07200 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Simon DespresCAND281991-07-27218 Lbs6 ft432No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Steve KampferUSAD311988-09-24198 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro OnlyYes$3,200,000
Taylor ChorneyCAND331987-04-27191 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Tim HeedSWED291991-01-27180 Lbs6 ft033No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Travis DermottCAND231996-12-22205 Lbs6 ft015No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000
Vladislav GavrikovRUSD241995-11-21213 Lbs6 ft332No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4527.9196 Lbs6 ft 11.84 years$1,514,700 4014

Quebec Nordiques

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron PalushajUSALW/RW301989-09-07177 Lbs5 ft116No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Aleksander BarkovFINC241995-09-02213 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,995,000
Alex BiegaCAND321988-04-04199 Lbs5 ft1021No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Alex DeBrincatUSALW/RW221997-12-18165 Lbs5 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Alex GrantCAND311989-01-20202 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$650,000
Alex KillornCANLW/RW301989-09-14196 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro OnlyNo$1,882,350$1,882,350$1,882,350
Alexander EdlerSWED341986-04-21212 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmYes$1,900,000
Braden HoltbyCANG301989-09-16214 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,750,000
Brian DumoulinUSAD281991-09-06207 Lbs6 ft410No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,000,000
Carl SoderbergSWEC341985-10-12210 Lbs6 ft325No1 year Farm OnlyYes$875,000
Christian FolinSWED291991-02-09204 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000
Cody McLeodCANLW/RW361984-06-26204 Lbs6 ft218No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Connor HellebuyckUSAG271993-05-19207 Lbs6 ft44No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,900,000$6,900,000
Drew DoughtyCAND301989-12-08202 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,000,000
Drew StaffordUSALW/RW341985-10-30215 Lbs6 ft29No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,550,000
Dustin JeffreyCANC321988-02-27205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Farm OnlyYes$875,000
Eric O'DellCANC301990-06-21197 Lbs6 ft045No1 year Pro & FarmNo$666,750
Eric TangradiUSALW/RW311989-02-10226 Lbs6 ft484No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Erik HaulaFINC291991-03-23193 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Evgeny KuznetsovRUSLW/RW281992-05-19197 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,800,000$6,800,000
Jakob ChychrunUSAD221998-03-31210 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Jakub VranaCZELW/RW241996-02-28195 Lbs6 ft07No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Jamie OleksiakCAND271992-12-21255 Lbs6 ft711No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Keith AulieCAND311989-06-11222 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Farm OnlyYes$2,750,000
Kevin PoulinCANG301990-04-12199 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$666,750
Liam ReddoxCANLW/RW341986-01-27178 Lbs5 ft116No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,250,000
Marco ScandellaCAND301990-02-23212 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$550,000$550,000
Mark OlverCANC321988-01-01170 Lbs5 ft102No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,125,000
Mats ZuccarelloNORLW/RW321987-09-01178 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Michael BlundenCANRW331986-12-15217 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Michal NeuvirthCZEG321988-03-23209 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Farm OnlyYes$2,500,000
Mikko KoivuFINC371983-03-12213 Lbs6 ft316No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Mikko RantanenFINLW/RW231996-10-29215 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Mirco MuellerCHED251995-03-21210 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Nathan GerbeUSALW/RW321987-07-24169 Lbs5 ft413No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,429,000
Nazem KadriCANLW/RW291990-10-06192 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro OnlyYes$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Nick BjugstadUSAC271992-07-17215 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000
Nick SorensenDNKLW/RW251994-10-23182 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Nicklas BackstromSWELW/RW321987-11-23206 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,000,000
Nicolas HagueCAND211998-12-05221 Lbs6 ft67No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Radek FaksaCZEC261994-01-09220 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Rob KlinkhammerCANLW/RW331986-08-12214 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Rocco GrimaldiUSALW/RW271993-02-08180 Lbs5 ft635No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Rostislav OleszCZELW/RW341985-10-10214 Lbs6 ft19No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Samuel GirardCAND221998-05-12170 Lbs5 ft107No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000
Slater KoekkoekCAND261994-02-18193 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Steve BernierCANLW/RW351985-03-31215 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Thomas HickeyCAND311989-02-08183 Lbs6 ft014No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Viktor FasthSWEG371982-08-08181 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,250,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4929.6202 Lbs6 ft 11.45 years$1,752,344 37210

San Jose Sharks

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex ChiassonCANLW/RW291990-10-01208 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000
Alexey MarchenkoRUSD281992-01-02210 Lbs6 ft38No1 year Pro & FarmNo$761,000
Andrei SvechnikovRUSRW202000-03-26195 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Andrew MacDonaldCAND331986-09-07204 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Anton VolchenkovRUSD381982-02-25220 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Antti RaantaFING311989-05-12195 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Artemi PanarinRUSLW/RW281991-10-30170 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,833,333$7,833,333$7,833,333
Blair JonesCANC331986-09-27216 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Brian ElliottCANG351985-04-09209 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Cam AtkinsonUSALW/RW311989-06-05175 Lbs5 ft80No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Carson McMillanCANLW/RW311988-09-10200 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Farm OnlyYes$800,000
Carter AshtonCANRW291991-04-01215 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Charlie CoyleUSALW/RW281992-03-02220 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Charlie LindgrenUSAG261993-12-18180 Lbs6 ft14No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Chris SummersUSAD321988-02-05209 Lbs6 ft218No2 yearsFarm OnlyYes$2,150,000$2,150,000
Dalton ProutCAND301990-03-13215 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,550,000$2,550,000$2,550,000
Danny DeKeyserUSAD301990-03-07192 Lbs6 ft322No1 year Pro OnlyYes$3,809,549
Dmitry KulikovRUSD291990-10-29204 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,380,000$4,380,000
Dylan OlsenCAND291991-01-03223 Lbs6 ft28No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,900,000$2,900,000
J.T. BrownUSALW/RW291990-07-02166 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Jacob JosefsonSWEC291991-03-02190 Lbs6 ft013No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Jaden SchwartzCANC/LW/RW281992-06-25190 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,000,000
James SheppardCANC321988-04-25215 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Jason SpezzaCANC/LW371983-06-13215 Lbs6 ft316No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,600,500
Jeff SchultzCAND341986-02-25225 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Jiri NovotnyCZEC/LW/RW361983-08-12199 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Joakim NordstromSWELW/RW281992-02-25194 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,830,000$1,830,000$1,830,000$1,830,000
John CarlsonUSAD301990-01-10218 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Joonas KorpisaloFING261994-04-28190 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,600,000$3,600,000$3,600,000
Joseph BlandisiCANLW/RW251994-07-18187 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Kaapo KahkonenFING231996-08-16215 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Kevin RooneyUSAC271993-05-21190 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Ladislav SmidCZED341986-02-01209 Lbs6 ft316No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,750,000
Laurent BrossoitCANG271993-03-23204 Lbs6 ft313No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Lucas WallmarkSWEC241995-09-05178 Lbs6 ft020No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Mark ScheifeleCANC271993-03-15207 Lbs6 ft34No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,610,000$5,610,000
Mike HoffmanCANLW/RW301989-11-24182 Lbs6 ft04No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,550,000
Mikkel BoedkerDNKLW/RW301989-12-16207 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$8,250,000$8,250,000
Nick HoldenCAND331987-05-15214 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,750,000
Nikolay GoldobinRUSLW/RW241995-10-07196 Lbs5 ft1130No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Nino NiederreiterSUILW/RW271992-09-08218 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000
Roman JosiSUID301990-06-01201 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$7,500,000
Samuel MorinCAND241995-07-12202 Lbs6 ft68No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,600,000$1,600,000$1,600,000$1,600,000
Sean MonahanCANC/LW251994-10-12200 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,100,000
Slava VoynovRUSD301990-01-15194 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000
Stephane Da CostaFRAC301989-07-11180 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Tanner PearsonCANLW/RW271992-08-10201 Lbs6 ft13No1 year Pro OnlyYes$2,300,000
Zach PariseUSALW351984-07-28195 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4829.4201 Lbs6 ft 21.85 years$2,318,216 3828

Seattle Kraken

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron NessUSAD301990-05-18184 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Andrej NestrasilCZEC/LW/RW291991-02-22200 Lbs6 ft315No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$650,000$650,000$650,000$650,000
Austin CzarnikUSAC271992-12-12170 Lbs5 ft924No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$810,000$810,000
Ben ChiarotCAND291991-05-09225 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$650,000$650,000$650,000$650,000
Ben HarpurCAND251995-01-12222 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,167,000
Blake SpeersCANLW/RW231997-01-02185 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Brad MaloneCANLW/RW311989-05-20217 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Brandon KozunUSAC301990-03-08167 Lbs5 ft836No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Chad JohnsonCANG341986-06-10196 Lbs6 ft310No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Colton SceviourCANLW/RW311989-04-20192 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Darren HelmCANC331987-01-21192 Lbs6 ft023No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,267,000
Edward PasqualeCANG291990-11-20215 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Erik GudbransonCAND281992-01-07217 Lbs6 ft58No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,850,000
Jacob TroubaUSAD261994-02-26209 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmYes$7,750,000
Jani HakanpaaFIND281992-03-31218 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Jason KasdorfCANG281992-05-18172 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Josh LeivoCANLW/RW271993-05-26192 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Josh MansonCAND281991-10-07224 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Justin FalkCAND311988-10-11223 Lbs6 ft55No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Kenny AgostinoUSALW/RW281992-04-30199 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$699,999
Martin FrkCZELW/RW261993-10-05205 Lbs6 ft11No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Matt DumbaCAND251994-07-25182 Lbs6 ft014No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Matt PuempelCANLW/RW271993-01-24205 Lbs6 ft137No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Max PaciorettyUSALW/RW311988-11-20215 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$30,638,298
Michael HaleyCANLW/RW341986-03-30204 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Michael McCarronUSAC251995-03-07230 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000
Mikael GranlundFINC/LW/RW281992-02-26185 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,000,000
Mike MathesonCAND261994-02-27188 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Nick CousinsCANC/LW/RW261993-07-20185 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Nicklas BergforsSWELW/RW321987-07-07195 Lbs5 ft1130No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Oliver BjorkstrandDNKRW251995-04-10177 Lbs6 ft014No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Oscar DanskSWEG261994-02-28195 Lbs6 ft37No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Patrik NemethSWED281992-02-08228 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Paul LaDueUSAD271992-09-06200 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Petr MrazekCZEG281992-02-14190 Lbs6 ft24No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,500,000
Rasmus AnderssonSWED231996-10-27214 Lbs6 ft117No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,050,000
Richard PanikSVKLW/RW291991-02-07202 Lbs6 ft12No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Rickard RakellSWEC271993-05-05196 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$910,000$910,000
Ryan ReavesCANC331987-01-20225 Lbs6 ft130No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Ryan SpoonerCANLW/RW281992-01-30191 Lbs5 ft108No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Sean MaloneUSAC251995-04-30190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Sheldon DriesUSAC261994-04-23185 Lbs5 ft912No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Spencer FooCANC/LW/RW261994-05-19190 Lbs6 ft030No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Tom WilsonCANC/LW/RW261994-03-29220 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Tommy CrossUSAD301989-09-12205 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Ty RattieCANLW/RW271993-02-05183 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Vladimir TarasenkoRUSLW/RW281991-12-13225 Lbs6 ft026No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4728.0201 Lbs6 ft 11.45 years$2,046,645 4601

St. Louis Blues

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Anton BelovRUSD331986-07-29185 Lbs6 ft121No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,000,000
Anton BlidhSWELW/RW251995-03-14201 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000
Barclay GoodrowCANLW/RW271993-02-26215 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Brandon DavidsonCAND281991-08-21208 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro OnlyYes$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Brett BulmerCANLW/RW281992-04-26176 Lbs6 ft25No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Brett PesceUSAD251994-11-15206 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Brock NelsonUSAC281991-10-15212 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,000,000
Chris WagnerUSARW291991-05-27198 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Colton SissonsCANC261993-11-05200 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Connor BrownCANLW/RW261994-01-14186 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Daniel CarrCANLW/RW281991-11-01193 Lbs6 ft010No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000$600,000$600,000
Frank VatranoUSAC/LW261994-03-14197 Lbs5 ft970No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Garrett WilsonCANLW/RW291991-03-16199 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$1,000,000
Jakob LiljaSWELW261993-07-23196 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Jaycob MegnaUSAD271992-12-10221 Lbs6 ft60No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Joel ArmiaFINLW/RW271993-05-31213 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Joel EdmundsonCAND271993-06-28215 Lbs6 ft448No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Jonathan QuickUSAG341986-01-21216 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro OnlyYes$3,500,000$3,500,000
Keith KinkaidUSAG301989-07-04186 Lbs6 ft38No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Kevin ShattenkirkUSAD311989-01-29203 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,500,000$4,500,000
Kyle QuinceyCAND341985-08-12216 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,000,000
Leland IrvingCANG311988-12-11176 Lbs6 ft05No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Luke AdamCANC301990-06-18206 Lbs6 ft217No1 year Farm OnlyYes$650,000
Madison BoweyCAND251995-04-22202 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000$600,000
Marcus JohanssonSWELW/RW291990-10-06205 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000
Miikka SalomakiFINRW271993-03-09203 Lbs5 ft1120No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Nate SchmidtUSAD281991-07-16194 Lbs6 ft112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$550,000
Nathan BeaulieuCAND271992-12-05200 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro OnlyYes$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Nick PaulCANC/LW251995-03-20219 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Nikolai ProkhorkinRUSLW261993-09-17190 Lbs6 ft311No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Phil Di GiuseppeCANLW/RW261993-10-09192 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Phillip DanaultCANC271993-02-24201 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Roman WillCZEG281992-05-22195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Ryan GravesCAND251995-05-21220 Lbs6 ft577No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000
Scott HarringtonCAND271993-03-10204 Lbs6 ft29No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Scott SabourinCANRW271992-07-30208 Lbs6 ft325No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Stefan ElliottCAND291991-01-30190 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Tanner KeroUSAC/RW271992-07-24185 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro OnlyYes$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Trevor LewisUSAC331987-01-08202 Lbs6 ft114No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Tuukka RaskFING331987-03-10176 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro OnlyYes$3,500,000$3,500,000
Tyler WotherspoonCAND271993-03-12207 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro OnlyYes$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Zach Aston-ReeseUSALW/RW251994-08-10204 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000
Zach BogosianUSAD291990-07-15200 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Zach SanfordUSALW/RW251994-11-09207 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Zach TrotmanUSAD291990-08-26217 Lbs6 ft38No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4528.0201 Lbs6 ft 22.69 years$1,106,667 3465

Tampa Bay Lightning

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron EkbladCAND241996-02-07220 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,010,000
Anders LindbackSWEG321988-05-03215 Lbs6 ft610No1 year Farm OnlyYes$2,000,000
Brandon MontourCAND261994-04-11189 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$400,000
Brandon PirriCANLW/RW291991-04-10180 Lbs6 ft010No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Brendan GallagherCANLW/RW281992-05-06184 Lbs5 ft90No4 yearsPro OnlyYes$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Brendan SmithCAND311989-02-08200 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Cameron GaunceCAND301990-03-19204 Lbs6 ft218No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,600,000$1,600,000$1,600,000
Carter HuttonCANG341985-12-19202 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$2,800,000
Cody CeciCAND261993-12-21209 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Cody EakinCANC/LW/RW291991-05-24183 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Connor MurphyUSAD271993-03-26212 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Conor GarlandUSAC/LW/RW241996-03-11165 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
David RittichCZEG271992-08-19206 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Denis GurianovRUSRW231997-06-07200 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Dougie HamiltonCAND271993-06-17229 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,166,667$6,166,667
Drew ShoreUSAC291991-01-29205 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro OnlyYes$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Erik KarlssonSWED301990-05-31190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,500,000
Gaetan HaasCHEC281992-01-31181 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000$600,000
Henrik KarlssonSWEG371983-01-27215 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Jeff SkinnerCANLW/RW281992-05-16195 Lbs5 ft116No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,500,000
John TavaresCANC291990-09-20215 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro OnlyYes$9,100,000$9,100,000$9,100,000
Jon GilliesUSAG261994-01-22223 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$400,000
Jyrki JokipakkaFIND281991-08-20215 Lbs6 ft314No1 year Farm OnlyYes$1,250,000
Keaton EllerbyCAND311988-11-05220 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Kevin CzuczmanCAND291991-01-09204 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Kyle OkposoUSALW/RW321988-04-16216 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,600,000$1,600,000
Logan CoutureCANC311989-03-28200 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$10,533,300
Mark AltUSAD281991-10-18201 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Marko DanoSVKLW/RW251994-11-30212 Lbs5 ft113No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Martin MarincinSVKD281992-02-18217 Lbs6 ft516No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,030,000$1,030,000$1,030,000$1,030,000
Matt MartinCANLW/RW311989-05-08220 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000
Matt MoulsonCANLW/RW361983-11-01200 Lbs6 ft126No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,600,000
Michael RafflAUTLW/RW311988-12-01200 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000
Nail YakupovRUSLW/RW261993-10-06195 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Nick BoninoUSAC321988-04-20196 Lbs6 ft112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Peter ReginDNKC341986-04-16190 Lbs6 ft22No1 year Farm OnlyYes$600,000
Riley NashCANLW/RW311989-05-09185 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,080,000$2,080,000
Ryan SuterUSAD351985-01-21208 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Sam LaffertyUSAC251995-03-06195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,100,000
Sam ReinhartCANLW/RW241995-11-06192 Lbs6 ft121No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,500,000
Sergei BobrovskyRUSG311988-09-20187 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Tomas VincourCZELW/RW291990-11-19204 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$525,000$525,000
Tyler BertuzziCANLW251995-02-24199 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Tyson BarrieCAND281991-07-26197 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmYes$7,000,000
Yanni GourdeCANLW/RW281991-12-15173 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$650,000
Yannick WeberCHED311988-09-23200 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Zach BoychukCANLW/RW301989-10-04185 Lbs5 ft1016No1 year Farm OnlyYes$800,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4729.0201 Lbs6 ft 11.91 years$2,621,170 3935

Toronto Maple Leafs

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alec MartinezUSAD321987-07-26209 Lbs6 ft111No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Andrei VasilevskiyRUSG251994-07-25216 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Andrew HammondCANG321988-02-11215 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Andy MieleUSALW/RW321988-04-15175 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Brayden PointCANC241996-03-13166 Lbs5 ft1014No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Cale MakarCAND211998-10-30187 Lbs5 ft1121No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Cedric PaquetteCANLW/RW261993-08-13204 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,010,000$1,010,000$1,010,000
Chay GenowayCAND331986-12-20177 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Conor ShearyUSALW/RW281992-06-08176 Lbs5 ft80No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Corey TroppUSALW/RW301989-07-25185 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Cory SchneiderUSAG341986-03-18205 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Devan DubnykCANG341986-05-04224 Lbs6 ft62No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,000,000$3,000,000
Dmitry OrlovRUSD281991-07-23208 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Dustin ByfuglienUSAD351985-03-27260 Lbs6 ft520No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Gabriel DumontCANC291990-10-06190 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$525,000
Ian ColeUSAD311989-02-21225 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Jayce HawrylukCANLW/RW241996-01-01196 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Jean-Gabriel PageauCANC271992-11-11180 Lbs5 ft1039No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Joe ThorntonCANC401979-07-02220 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,350,000
Josh AndersonCANLW/RW261994-05-07221 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Kyle ConnorUSALW/RW231996-12-09182 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Loui ErikssonSWELW/RW341985-07-17179 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$2,500,000
Marc StaalCAND331987-01-13209 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmYes$1,650,000
Mark StoneCANLW/RW281992-05-13202 Lbs6 ft32No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,023,000
Mathew BarzalCANC231997-05-26187 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Matt MurrayCANG261994-05-25178 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Michal RepikCZELW/RW311988-12-31180 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Mikhail GrigorenkoRUSLW/RW261994-05-16209 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$650,000$650,000
Mitch MarnerCANLW/RW231997-05-05175 Lbs6 ft040No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,980,000$4,980,000
Nick FolignoUSALW/RW321987-10-31208 Lbs6 ft09No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,400,000
Olli MaattaFIND251994-08-22206 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$9,000,000
Oscar LindbergSWEC281991-10-29202 Lbs6 ft16No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,500,000$3,500,000
Patrick MaroonUSALW/RW321988-04-23236 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,300,001
Paul ByronCANLW/RW311989-04-27158 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Reilly SmithCANLW/RW291991-04-01183 Lbs6 ft036No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,370,000
Richard CluneCANLW/RW331987-04-25207 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,009
Ryan StromeCANC261993-07-11194 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,750,000$2,750,000$2,750,000
Sami VatanenFIND291991-06-03185 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,300,000
Sergey KalininRUSC291991-03-17200 Lbs6 ft337No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$550,000$550,000
Shayne GostisbehereUSAD271993-04-20180 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000
T.J. BrennanUSAD311989-04-03216 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$650,000$650,000$650,000
Taylor BeckCANLW/RW291991-05-13203 Lbs6 ft210No1 year Farm OnlyNo$500,000
Thomas ChabotCAND231997-01-30190 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Tomas PopperleCZEG341985-11-27192 Lbs6 ft12No1 year Farm OnlyYes$500,000
Viktor ArvidssonSWELW/RW271993-04-08180 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4529.0197 Lbs6 ft 11.71 years$2,107,956 4203

Vegas Golden Knights

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam JohnsonUSALW/RW261994-06-22174 Lbs6 ft058No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Andrej SustrCZED291990-11-29217 Lbs6 ft78No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Anthony CirelliCANC221997-07-15193 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Anthony DuclairCANLW/RW/D241995-08-26198 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,995,000
Anthony ManthaCANLW/RW251994-09-16234 Lbs6 ft58No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Brett SutterCANC331987-06-02200 Lbs6 ft08No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Brian StraitUSAD321988-01-04206 Lbs6 ft14No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Buddy RobinsonUSARW281991-09-30232 Lbs6 ft610No1 year Pro & FarmNo$525,000
Cam TalbotCANG321987-07-05196 Lbs6 ft42No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,100,000$3,100,000$3,100,000
Charles HudonCANLW261994-06-23190 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Curtis McKenzieCANLW291991-02-22205 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Damien BrunnerSUILW/RW341986-03-09185 Lbs5 ft1128No1 year Farm OnlyYes$2,700,000
Dan RenoufCAND261994-06-01205 Lbs6 ft27No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Daniel BrickleyUSAD251995-03-30203 Lbs6 ft320No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Darcy KuemperCANG301990-05-05215 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Dominik KahunDEULW/RW241995-07-02175 Lbs5 ft113No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000
Greg PaterynUSAD301990-06-20220 Lbs6 ft37No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$560,000$560,000$560,000
Jacob MacDonaldUSAD271993-02-26204 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Jake VirtanenCANRW231996-08-17226 Lbs6 ft161No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000
Jared McCannCANC241996-05-31185 Lbs6 ft19No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Jesper BrattSWELW/RW211998-07-30175 Lbs5 ft1021No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Jimmy SchuldtUSAD251995-05-11205 Lbs6 ft118No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
John GilmourCAND271993-05-17190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$555,000
Justin BaileyUSARW251995-07-01214 Lbs6 ft415No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Justin KloosUSAC261993-11-30175 Lbs5 ft932No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Klas DahlbeckSWED281991-07-06207 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Kurtis MacDermidCAND261994-03-25233 Lbs6 ft50No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$525,000$525,000$525,000
Lawson CrouseCANLW231997-06-23220 Lbs6 ft424No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Luke JohnsonUSAC251994-09-19179 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Marcus HogbergSWEG251994-11-25209 Lbs6 ft510No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Matt GrzelcykUSAD261994-01-05174 Lbs5 ft967No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Maxime LagaceCANG271993-01-12190 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Nick SchmaltzUSAC/LW241996-02-23177 Lbs6 ft053No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,980,000
Nick SuzukiCANC201999-08-10201 Lbs5 ft1132No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Nikita NesterovRUSD271993-03-28191 Lbs5 ft111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Patrick MarleauCANLW/RW401979-09-15215 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Paul ThompsonUSARW311988-11-30200 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$525,000
Pavel FrancouzCSKG301990-06-03179 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,067,000
Sean WalkerCAND251994-11-13196 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$525,000$525,000$525,000$525,000
Steve SantiniUSAD251995-03-07205 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Sven AndrighettoSUILW/RW271993-03-21188 Lbs5 ft1029No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$625,000$625,000$625,000
Tim SchallerUSAC291990-11-16204 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$550,000
Trevor MooreUSALW251995-03-31185 Lbs5 ft100No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000
Tucker PoolmanUSAD271993-06-08199 Lbs6 ft218No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Valentin ZykovRUSLW251995-05-15220 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Valeri NichushkinRUSRW251995-03-04210 Lbs6 ft415No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Vinnie HinostrozaUSAC/LW261994-04-03173 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000
Zack SmithCANC321988-04-05208 Lbs6 ft233No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4826.9200 Lbs6 ft 12.00 years$922,542 4701

Winnipeg Jets

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam LowryUSAC271993-03-29210 Lbs6 ft512No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,010,000$3,010,000
Antoine BibeauCANG261994-05-01213 Lbs6 ft312No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,310,000$1,310,000$1,310,000
Blake ColemanUSAC/LW281991-11-28200 Lbs5 ft111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Brady SkjeiUSAD261994-03-26210 Lbs6 ft318No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,330,000$3,330,000$3,330,000
Brendan PerliniGBRLW/RW241996-04-27211 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Brett KulakCAND261994-01-06190 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,610,000$1,610,000$1,610,000
Brock McGinnCANLW/RW261994-02-02187 Lbs6 ft028No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,010,000$1,010,000$1,010,000
Chad RuhwedelUSAD301990-05-07191 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000$500,000
Christian DvorakUSAC241996-02-02195 Lbs6 ft05No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Cole BardreauUSAC/RW261993-07-22185 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,300,000$1,300,000$1,300,000
Collin DeliaUSAG261994-06-20208 Lbs6 ft211No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,310,000$1,310,000$1,310,000
Connor JonesCANC/LW291990-08-16176 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,310,000
Danton HeinenCANLW/RW241995-07-05188 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$400,000
David KampfCZEC251995-01-12188 Lbs6 ft22No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,330,000$1,330,000$1,330,000$1,330,000
Devin ShoreCANC251994-07-19206 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,030,000$3,030,000$3,030,000$3,030,000
Dillon DubeCANLW/RW211998-07-20187 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000$600,000
Dominik KubalikCZELW241995-08-21179 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Eric RobinsonUSALW/RW251995-06-14197 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,330,000$1,330,000$1,330,000$1,330,000
Esa LindellFIND261994-05-23215 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,330,000$3,330,000$3,330,000
Filip ChlapikCZEC/LW231997-06-03194 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Filip ChytilCZEC201999-09-05206 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$600,000$600,000$600,000
Garnet HathawayUSALW/RW281991-11-23210 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,310,000
Garret SparksUSAG271993-06-28201 Lbs6 ft22No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$555,000$555,000
Iiro PakarinenFINLW/RW281991-08-25209 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Jake DebruskCANLW/RW231996-10-17188 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Joel Eriksson EkSWEC/LW/RW231997-01-29210 Lbs6 ft115No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
John RamageCAND291991-02-07200 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,830,000$3,830,000$3,830,000$3,830,000
Jon MerrillUSAD281992-02-03195 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$930,000$930,000$930,000$930,000
Josh ArchibaldCANRW271992-10-06176 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,310,000$1,310,000
Kevin BoyleUSAG281992-05-30197 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,310,000
Linus UllmarkSWEG261993-07-31215 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Mackenzie BlackwoodCANG231996-12-09225 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Mackenzie MacEachernUSALW261994-03-09190 Lbs6 ft23No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,330,000$1,330,000$1,330,000
Mario FerraroCAND211998-09-17185 Lbs5 ft1114No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Melker KarlssonSWELW/RW291990-07-18180 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,610,000$1,610,000$1,610,000$1,610,000
Michael PaliottaUSAD271993-04-06207 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$500,000$500,000
Michael StoneCAND301990-06-07210 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,010,000
Mitch CallahanUSARW281991-08-17190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Nick JensenUSAD291990-09-21194 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,010,000
Nick SeelerUSAD271993-06-03201 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,010,000$1,010,000
Ondrej KaseCZELW/RW241995-11-08190 Lbs6 ft015No1 year Pro & FarmNo$400,000
Philippe MyersCAND231997-01-25210 Lbs6 ft56No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Riley StillmanCAND221998-03-09196 Lbs6 ft118No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Ryan HartmanUSALW/RW251994-09-20189 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Sean KuralyUSAC271993-01-20213 Lbs6 ft213No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$810,000$810,000
Tanner RichardCANC/LW/RW271993-04-06192 Lbs6 ft023No1 year Pro & FarmNo$500,000
Tomas NosekCZEC/LW271992-09-01205 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,310,000$1,310,000
Troy StecherCAND261994-04-07186 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,810,000$1,810,000$1,810,000
Tyler MotteUSAC/LW251995-03-10192 Lbs5 ft1040No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$400,000$400,000$400,000
Vince DunnCAND231996-10-29203 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Zach WhitecloudCAND231996-11-28209 Lbs6 ft28No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
5125.7198 Lbs6 ft 12.39 years$1,166,765 5100