RFA Market

One-Offs Before The RFA Market

The RFA Tag

  • A team may re-sign one (1) of their potential Restricted Free Agents (RFAs) to the average salary of their top three (3) salaries from their year-end roster from the previous season;
  • A player may be signed to any term allowed based on their age when signing;
  • No player can be signed using this "tag" until the previous player that was "tagged" has their contract expire and regardless if they are traded;
  • A player's salary may not decrease by use of this tag (if they are among the top three already in salaries);

Entry Level "Bridge" Contract

  • A team may re-sign any players coming off their entry level contracts (ELCs) to a contract worth 150% of the league average salary for the position on a term that ends when the player is 25;

The Market

  • The Restricted Free Agent (RFA) Market is a five (5) round, "offers over" system where players are able to receive offers from any team
  • The RFA Market operates before the UFA Market and is completely independent
  • Each "round" in the RFA Market is split into two halves: The GM Wave (first) and the NSHLPA Wave (second)

"Offers Over" Breakdown

Round Offers Over Value
1 $13,000,000
2 $9,000,000
3 $5,500,000
4 $3,000,000
5 League minimum wage

Compensation Chart

NSHLPA Value Compensation Owed
$13,000,000 Four 1st Round Picks
$9,000,000 Three 1st Round Picks
$5,500,000 Two 1st Round Picks
$3,000,000 One 1st Round Pick
League minimum wage No compensation
  • The "Offers Over Value" amounts referenced are based on NSHLPA value;
  • A player can be offered anything over the amount in a round (i.e. a player can still be offered $13,000,000 in Round 4);
  • For teams that offer amounts other than the base "Offers Over Values" listed above, the compensation below is added until the value is met

    i.e. Joe Player is offered $4M, the compensation owed would be one 1st Round Pick (chart above for the first $3M), plus one 2nd Round Pick (chart below for the remaining $1M)

    i.e. Dave Defenseman is offered $10.5M, the compensation owed would be three 1st Round Picks (chart above for the first $9M), plus one 2nd Round Pick (chart below for the next $1M), plus one 3rd Round Pick (chart below for the remaining $500k);
In Addition to Round Minimum Compensation Owed
+$1 to $99,999 One 6th Round Pick
+$100,000 to $249,999 One 5th Round Pick
+$250,000 to $499,999 One 4th Round Pick
+$500,000 to $999,999 One 3rd Round Pick
+ $1,000,000 One 2nd Round Pick

GM Wave

  • During the GM Wave teams have two (2) days to submit their offers to players;
  • There are no limitations on how many offers a team can submit on their own players during the GM Wave;
  • A team may only submit three (3) offers to rival players (offer-sheets) throughout the entire RFA Market;
  • A team must have the draft pick compensation required to cover any offer they make (in the event all offers are accepted);
  • An offer must include an offered salary and term;
  • An offer may include signing bonus, player option, team option and no movement clause (NMC);
  • A team may offer their own player a term of any length;
  • An offer submitted is later judged based on its NSHLPA value and that value must be over the minimum amount posted for the given round;
  • A team's offer to its own player is given a 10% "hometown" discount on the NSHLPA value versus rival offers;
  • In both the RFA Market and the UFA Market a team may spend a maximum of $5,000,000 total on signing bonuses;
  • If a team submits an offer below the minimum amount assigned to the round their offer is ignored;


  • During the NSHLPA Wave the player agent reviews all offers submitted based on their NSHLPA value and sends out responses to all teams involved;
  • The NSHLPA Wave takes place over two (2) days;
  • A player will agree to the highest NSHLPA value offer on the table (and regardless of how many offers there are);
  • The team holding the player's rights will win any offers where the NSHLPA value is tied;
  • Once the NSHLPA has determined what players are going to be signing, the rest of the league is notified who is and who is not available so a new GM Wave may commence;
  • The NSHLPA will notify teams of players receiving an offer-sheet (OS) first, followed by notifying teams who are able to re-sign their players;
  • Once notified of an offer-sheet by a rival team, the rights holder has 48 hours to respond;
  • Failure to respond within 48 hours results in the player signing with the rival team, however the compensation is reduced to the minimum NSHLPA value for the round, regardless of the contract that is signed;

Compensation Exchange

  • Any compensation that is exchanged is done upon completion of the RFA Market (so a team cannot accumulate picks to offer-sheet elsewhere);
  • Selection of draft picks exchanged as compensation is decided by the team receiving the compensation;
  • In the event a team owes compensation for multiple players, priority for pick selection is given to the highest NSHLPA value contract signed (followed by the youngest player signing elsewhere);
  • A team that accepts compensation on an offer-sheet earns an additional slot for making offers on rival players the following season;